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    Updated: Jan. 18 (07:58)

    In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr
    Denver Firefighters Local 858
    January 4, 2022: UPFFA Announces the appointment of Jeff Tomchik, Director of Legislative & Political Affairs
    February 15th, 2022 | Local 21 Ski Day
    IAFF Local 21
    Peer Support Training
    IAFF 1826
    Monday Morning Headlines
    Denver Firefighters Local 858
    CBA update
    • Welcome
      What's New at PFFA

      It has been twenty years since the towers fell, yet there remains two enormous holes in the center of lower Manhattan... They are there to serve as our reminder to Never Forget those who unselfishly sacrificed their lives to save others... While there has been much healing as these 20 years have passed, there is still so much pain, suffering, and loss…. a loss that continues today, not from acts of terrorism, but from cancer.
      Not only is it important that we never forget those heroic firefighters that paid the ultimate price on that fateful day, but it is imperative that we pay tribute to and honor the thousands of firefighters who are dying today, right now, from the job they did working at Ground Zero and every day since.
      If there was anything positive that came from 9/11 it may have been the understanding of the deep commitment first responders have to their communities. Without hesitation, they are willing to give all, despite the consequences to themselves. It also clearly illustrated the occupational hazards of being a firefighter. We know with certainty that firefighters who worked on “the pile” in 2001, are dying of cancers from breathing in the air while searching for the remains of their brothers, sisters, friends, family, and community. It’s been twenty years and thousands of firefighters are still dying today. 
      This is one of the many reasons that the FCSN fights so hard to deliver firefighter occupational cancer awareness, education and training. We are on a mission to assist firefighters and EMS providers and their immediate families diagnosed with cancer by providing badge-to-badge support, training, education and guidance today and every day. 
      We ask you to please take a moment tomorrow and remember all of the 2,977 victims killed in the September 11th attacksThose who perished in New York City, the Pentagon and outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Please remember the 412 emergency workers in New York City who responded to the World Trade Center and paid the ultimate sacrifice.
      We will NEVER FORGET
      © 2020 Firefighter Cancer Support Network
      Our vision is to be the global leader in firefighter cancer support, awareness and education.
      2600 WEST OLIVE AVE
      5TH FLOOR - PMB 608
      BURBANK, CA 91505
      TOLL FREE / 866-994-FCSN (3276)


      Dear Firefighters,

      Alexandria Firefighters Association Local 540 has gained quite a bit of interest for the 2021 MDA Softball (Incrediball) Tournament. We have ironed out most of the details for the tournament. This will be an 8-12 team tournament, with double elimination using up to 3 fields. We are limiting the amount of entry teams to keep this as a one day tournament. The date of the Tournament will be June 19th, 2021. We are asking that you reserve your team’s spot in the tournament by May 1st, 2021 with your $300 entry fee. If the tournament gets cancelled due to rain out or unforeseen circumstances, then we will use your entry fee as a donation to MDA. Local 540 will be serving plate lunches with drinks (beer) with all proceeds going to MDA as well. You can contact me by email or phone with any questions, concerns, or to reserve your spot in the MDA tournament. We have a PayPal account connected to our MDA account for entry fees. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you all here supporting a great cause.

      Thanks again,

      Cory Brumfield

      2nd Vice President L 540




      January 2021 is officially Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month!
      We are excited to announce our partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters. We're teaming up for the entire month of January and beyond to affect positive change and educate firefighters across the nation about occupational cancer and how to stop it. See official press release below or click here to view.
      © 2020 Firefighter Cancer Support Network
      Our vision is to be the global leader in firefighter cancer support, awareness and education.
      2600 WEST OLIVE AVE
      5TH FLOOR - PMB 608
      BURBANK, CA 91505
      TOLL FREE / 866-994-FCSN (3276)

      Download: Shreveport Fire Department Hiring Process News Release.pdf

      Due to the uncertainty of what phase level Louisiana will be and not knowing if we’ll be able to congregate as a large group, we have no choice but to make the necessary decision to cancel the 2021 PFFA of Louisiana Annual Convention scheduled for February 25th – 27th.

      Protecting the health, safety and well being of our members and their families is paramount at all times to the leadership of the PFFA and especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

      Because of the need for Legislative direction we will either have a one-day mini convention, possibly in Baton Rouge or a half day Virtual Convention utilizing a web-based meeting platform such as “GoToMeeting”. Illinois recently held their state convention in this fashion.

      We will keep you informed when we know more. In the meantime if any of you have booked rooms at the DoubleTree Kenner, Local-1427 President Mickey Giarrusso has instructed the hotel to cancel everyone associated with the room block. You should receive an email from the hotel within the next 24 hours verifying the cancellation, if you don’t you should contact the hotel to cancel your reservation.

      At the end of the year we will still collect the names of our members who have passed away in 2020 and we will honor our members from both years separately at the 2022 Convention.


      August 2020 Webinars from Nationwide – Exclusively for IAFF Members

      Understanding your finances, investments and your retirement readiness continues to be a great way to keep ahead during times of economic uncertainty. The IAFF’s premier retirement plans provider, Nationwide, is offering a set of webinars in August to help you do just that. Join these interactive webinars presented by subject matter experts. Register now – space is limited. 

      Click below to register for sessions covering:

      Planning for Health Care in Retirement – Get insights on health care costs in retirement and Medicare and how to prepare for and manage those costs in retirement. Attendees will be able to get a free, personalized healthcare cost assessment following the session to help them better prepare for future costs. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4491746200923909392 

      Women and Retirement – This session highlights the unique challenges women face related to Social Security, healthcare and long-term care and how those challenges can impact current retirement planning. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7478177012126371600 

      Social Security: The Choice of a Lifetime – This session provides education on Social Security and learning how to make informed filing decisions – even if you opt out of Social Security, you may still be impacted with governmental pension offsets, the windfall provision, and spouse/ex-spouse Social Security eligibility. Attendees will be able to get a free, personalized Social Security income analysis to help them maximize social security benefits following the session. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4943285939637722128 

      Tax Efficient Retirement Income – The Tax-efficient Retirement Income session provides insight into how taxes can impact retirement plans and retirement income and how a more tax-efficient plan can add tens of thousands of dollars to estate values or years to portfolio longevity. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/1248879591310414608 

      Charting the Recovery – Economic Insights – This interactive session will share some current perspectives (post Covid-19 outbreak) on market and economic forces which can influence your finances and retirement plan(s). https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/837602869067665676 (8/12) https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3679998756543085580 (8/20)

      Getting better informed now, means you can make better decisions for your future. Still have questions or need guidance regarding your retirement plan account? Contact your retirement plan provider or if you have a retirement plan account with Nationwide, contact your local Nationwide Retirement Specialist.

      Now more than ever, Nationwide is on your side.
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